Support for One Somerset

What others are saying about the benefits of a single council

“The benefits of a single council, delivering all of the county and district services should not be underestimated. One council reduces the cost of service delivery allowing you to invest more in front-line services, one council gives you a quicker response to business as usual and in an emergency. One council gives a louder, single voice for your area to secure resources and make a difference. One council engaging with Government, making your voice heard.”
Cllr Spencer Flower, Leader of Dorset Council (moved to single council in 2019)

“It is absolutely clear to me that the creation of the new Buckinghamshire Council was the correct decision by Government and has been a success. It has also strengthened our sense of place creating the ability to provide strong direction and partnership to our colleagues in the NHS, Fire, Police and voluntary sector
Cllr Martin Tett, Leader of Buckinghamshire Council (moved to a single council in 2020)

“At the moment I have a lot of dealings with these councils and it is confusing and frustrating at times to have to deal with more than one authority. So I would vote firmly for one council for the county of Somerset.”
Kit Chapman, owner of the Castle in Taunton and Founder, Director and Trustee of Arts Taunton

“Running a business today can already be a complex task, particularly for smaller, rural businesses such as ours which make up a large part of Somerset’s economy. A single unitary authority will simplify and unify policies and businesses, giving us a stronger voice in Central Government.”
Fisher and Company Engineering Services

“To me, it is common sense to become One Somerset. This will make working together easier and I look forward to the efficiencies and streamlining this will bring to council operations.”
TQ Exel

“A single authority would ensure that developments which occur on current district boundaries adequately consider impacts within their whole environs rather than just that within which the application lies. I feel that the costs of maintaining four district authorities outweighs the benefits that the current structure might provide.”
Clarkson and Woods

“As the largest youth work charity in the county, and the provider of significant emotional wellbeing and mental health early intervention services, we completely recognise the proposed efficiency and efficacy of a single-tier system. I am confident that the VCSE sector in Somerset will be an integrated component in the One Somerset structure – and can contribute fully to the efforts of the Local Community Networks once established.”
Nik Harwood, Chief Executive of Young Somerset

“A single unitary body is a sensible approach and, as a business supplying everyone who lives and works in Somerset, it would simplify our own relationships, as well as bringing consistency and savings for everyone across the county.”
Wessex Water

“This completely makes sense. Most areas now have a unitary authority as it means less bureaucracy, greater equity across the county, and more money for services. This does not mean that local voices cannot be heard, or local needs are not considered when decisions are made.”
Yvonne Vigar, Astara Consulting Ltd

“As a successful Somerset business, trading throughout the South and West of England, we are pleased to support the One Somerset campaign for a single unitary council. It will enable the county to become more efficient, attract new investment and talent, save costs and provide better business support.”
David Phelps, Taunton Fabrications

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