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Now is the time for One Somerset – one big opportunity to improve public services for all


23 February 2021: The government has begun a public consultation into changing the way local councils work in Somerset. Somerset County Council is calling on residents and businesses to get behind its ambitious plans for a new model of local government which offers improved public services for all.

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David Fothergill: The One Somerset devo model will help the Covid recovery


28 January 2021: A rival scheme to set up two unitaries would create a more complex structure than exists now, writes the leader of Somerset County Council. Read more on the Local Government Chronicle (LGC)

Unitary Goals


26 January 2021: David Fothergill, leader of Somerset County Council – currently in reorganisation talks with central government - makes the economic case for creating a unitary authority.


Let’s grasp this opportunity to create One Somerset for outstanding public services


9 December 2020: This week Somerset County Council will submit a blueprint to Government for great local public services, value for money and an end to the confusion of service delivery in the county.

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Pledges launched as blueprint for better local services submitted to Government


9 December 2020: Somerset County Council is today setting out its commitment to the people of Somerset with the announcement of ten pledges to improve local services and guarantee value for money.

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Final One Somerset Business Case submitted


December 2020: The final One Somerset Business Case has been submitted to the government for consideration. The government will consider One Somerset’s proposal and any other proposals for local government reform in Somerset before going out to public consultation early next year. A report on One Somerset consultations held earlier this year is included in the Business case. Your thoughts and ideas remain important and feedback is welcomed. You can get in touch with us here

Read the Business Case final submission  Read the Executive Summary

New report suggests ONE clear winner in unitary debate


9 September 2020: An independent report out today highlights the benefits of creating a new single council for Somerset – but also warns of the dangers and costs of dividing the county into multiple unitary authorities.

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New report states the case for unitary councils


7 August 2020: Leader of Somerset County Council David Fothergill today welcomed a new report making the case for unitary authorities based on county council boundaries.

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Business Case Executive Summary


5 August 2020: You can read a summary of the business case for a new single unitary council for Somerset here.

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One Somerset business case


31 July 2020: You can read the business case for a new single unitary council for Somerset here. The business case develops a strategy that will harness the strengths and put in place solutions for the concerns and challenges. It will not deliver everything at once but is a huge step towards improving lives across Somerset.

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One Somerset Full Council decision


29 July 2020: The Leader of the Council talks about the One Somerset business case, which County Councillors approved today. The business case sets out ambitious and innovative plans to abolish all five Councils and replace them with a single council.

Full Council ‘Ticks’ One Somerset


29 July 2020: Improved public services and better outcomes for Somerset communities took a major step forward today after Somerset county councillors backed a new approach to local government.

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Four big ticks


29 July 2020: We need four big ticks to push ahead towards a single council for Somerset. Watch our video to find out more about them.


Next big step forward for One Somerset


20 July 2020: A business case setting out the many benefits of a new single council for Somerset was unanimously approved by Cabinet following a key vote today.

Read the press release  Read the cabinet papers

A clear case for One Somerset – why one council is better than five


7 July 2020: A new single council for Somerset would put an end to confusion for residents, give greater powers to local communities and free up millions of pounds that can be reinvested in frontline services – that’s according to a new report out today.

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One Somerset Scrutiny Report and Business case


7 July 2020: We have now published our Business Case for a new single council for Somerset. The business case explores the options for local government reorganisation, considering how they will improve outcomes for our communities and businesses and support the sustainability of public services in the future.

Read the One Somerset Scrutiny Report  Read the One Somerset Business Case

One Somerset explained


29 June 2020: Watch this animation to find out why we need One Somerset and what it would mean if we were to move to one council.

What is One Somerset?


29 June 2020: Somerset County Council Leader, David Fothergill sets out the case for One Somerset.

One Somerset engagement underway


1 June 2020: The council issued a press release stating that surveys of residents and businesses across the county would take place from this week as Somerset County Council gathers views towards disbanding all five councils and setting up a new single Unitary Authority.

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One Somerset, Local Government Reform in Somerset


1 June 2020: Somerset County Council Leader, David Fothergill talks about the decision in February that Somerset County Council will look to reduce duplication and waste across the five councils. This would involve communities more closely in decisions that have an impact in their area through a new One Somerset approach.


A letter from David


21 February 2020: Somerset County Council Leader, David Fothergill talks about formally asking the Secretary of State for permission to submit a business case for One Somerset.

One letter for Somerset


21 February 2020: The council issued a press release stating that Somerset County Council Leader, David Fothergill had written to Robert Jenrick MP, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, kickstarting the case for One Somerset – A Unitary Council for Somerset.

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Letter to the Secretary of State


21 February 2020: The Leader of the Council wrote to the Secretary of State setting out his case for One Somerset.

Read a copy of the letter

Non-Key Decision Report


21 February 2020: The Non-Key Decision Report on the Future of Local Government in Somerset was published.

Read the full report

Executive Summary and Options Report


February 2020: An independent report, was produced for all Somerset’s councils, setting out the pros, cons and possibilities of different options.

Read the Executive Report  Read the Options Report

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